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K.M Abraham

K. M. Abraham was born to a family with limited privileges. However, he was determined to rise above his circumstances. He left his hometown, Chengannur, Kerala in late 1950s to complete his graduation in Mumbai. Soon after graduation he joined India Book House, Fort, Mumbai. It wasn’t too long before he quit his job as a manager to start a business of his own. His brother loaned him some money, with which he bought a car. From 1975 until 1984, he had his own car rental business, Santosh Travels - Car Rental. Meanwhile in 1978, he ventured into the hospitality business, with Hotel Santosh. And in 1983, Standard Drugs Agencies became fully functional.

In spite of having three running businesses, K. M. Abraham was still aiming for higher. It was in the middle of the chaos, he found the entire ocean of opportunities before him. He realised there were many who wished to settle in Gulf, with a hope of a better life. Using his brother’s contacts in Kuwait, he pioneered the business of recruiting manpower to the Gulf. His recruitment agency, Santosh Travels was one of the first agencies which started recruiting people for the companies in Gulf. Not too long after, Santosh Travels was a very well known name in the Gulf countries as well as the recruitment arenas of India. Through Santosh Travels he helped many of his family members, by getting them to settle down in the comfortable luxuries of the Gulf. There was no going back after this. The year 1986 saw K. M. Abraham produce a movie for Malayalam cinema as well as start Santosh General Agencies, an Import - Export & Commission Agent Company. 3 years hence, he worked his charm in ticketing business with Unipacific Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. While Advertising Professional (I) Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1992. All through his career, K. M. Abraham gave utmost importance to quality. He never compromised on quality for the sake of money or profits, which held him in good stead all through the competition he faced. 

K. M. Abraham having lived his life to the fullest, bid the world adieu in June, 2016. His son, Mr. Santosh M. Abraham now oversees all his business activities and is working towards carrying forward his legacy for the generations to come.



Order of Merit in recognition of outstanding services rendered to the Public on 2nd October 1992 by Indian Council by Management Executives, Mumbai 
Awarded the Highest Order of Merit (Gold Medal) by the Indian Council Management Executives for the category of Manpower Recruitment in the year 1993
Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 by Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council, Mumbai 
Shield of Merit for Manpower Recruitment Excellence in recognition of Outstanding Services rendered to the Public on 26th January 1991 by SEMs Directory Committee, Mumbai 



39/3309/B, 1st Floor, K. S. N. Menon Road, Ravipuram,
Kochi - 682016


Panna Plaza, 3rd Floor,
Old No.73 & 74, 
New No.139, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam,
Chennai – 600 024


151, First Floor, Above Garg Chemist, Sarai Jullena, Okhla Road,
New Delhi - 110 025

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